Day 2 Mark Pharis

Up early and by 645am Susan and I were on our way to Starbucks!  I was asking questions and she said “you are making me talk too much”!!  I laughed to myself, we both talk too much!  The Starbucks is predominantly a drive in and has an open air seating area.  I will get a photo tomorrow.

We walked through the Market, it is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and is located in front of Santa Fe Clay.  The produce was so fresh and delicious looking I wished I had a kitchen.  I brought some fried hot peppers and tried to talk the owner to cook up some of those small sweet peppers to no avail.


Onto the workshop.  Mark cleared up some confusion from yesterday how to make a template and where the right angle should.  Most challenging for the non-math inclined which I include myself.

My attempt at being Mark!  I threw the slab and cut the form out using a template.

Charlotte Lindley Martin being Mark Pharis!

Charlotte Lindley Martin being Mark Pharis!