La Mesa, NCECA 2015 Providence, RI

La Mesa is a show put on by Avra Leodas Director of Santa Fe Clay and held during the annual NCECA conference.  The quality of the show is awesome and Avra puts hours into making it all happen.  I can’t wait to see La Mesa in Kansas City 2016!

Instead of using my iPhone to take these photos I used my new camera, which sadly I do not know how to use and thus these are not great photos.  I need to learn about white balance and get Photoshop.  All in good time!  Enjoy!

La Mesa NCECA Milwaukee 2014 – only took a year to post!

Before I start to work on the photos from La Mesa 2015 – I thought I should finish this post!  I like to take photos of dinnerware!  And I like to show those photos to my students.  Now I have a forum for this!  There is this wonderful show put on by Avra Leodas Director of Santa Fe Clay every year at NCECA called La Mesa.