Day 8, Platters, Big Bowls, Unload the Salt, Discuss Use, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

The kitchen has a long list of serving dishes needed.  We got a demo and they will get their dishes.

11lb bowl was 7 1/2″ high and 15″ wide at the top.

15lb platter 2 1/2″  high and 18″ wide

12lb bowl 6″ high and 13″ wide at the top

We unloaded the salt kiln.  All these photos were taken by Alexis Eynon

Then we discussed the firing and USE.

Last Day Mark Pharis Workshop

Today the studio was both hushed and full of activity. Some participants were cleaning up and leaving early, some finishing last minute details, settling up bills (mine was very high I have a very supportive husband!), and saying goodbyes.  I didn’t take any photos today but here is one from earlier in the week of the group!

Participants of the Mark Pharis Workshop at Santa Fe Clay

Participants of the Mark Pharis Workshop at Santa Fe Clay

Susan and I ended the day on a “Behind the Scenes Tour” of the Georgia O’Keefe Home and Studio.  We saw the room where she stretched her canvases, her bedroom next to the studio (now set up as a bedroom) and the fall out shelter in addition to the regular tour.  It is really a magical place, no wonder she waited 15 years until she could buy the house.  Georgia O’Keefe’s bedroom is on the corner of the house.  The two outside walls have enormous plate glass windows with a view overlooking the valley.  She could lie in bed and look at this view.  We were not allowed to take anything up to the house with us – no photos allowed – but I found this one on the internet.


Georgia O’Keefe House, bedroom



We had a wonderful dinner at the Abiquiu Inn.  Highly recommended.