NCECA 2015 BIENNIAL : LIVELY EXPERIMENTS at Brown University, David Winton Bell Gallery

For my students and for those who were unable to get to NCECA 2015, some images from this amazing show.  Quality of the photos are not great but if so inspired you can check any of these artists out on the web for better images.  Jurors for this year’s exhibition are Linda Christianson, Minnesota studio potter; Jo-Ann Conklin, Director of the Bell Gallery; and Anders Ruhwald, Head of Ceramics, Cranbrook Academy of Art which made for a very diverse show of contemporary ceramics.

Val M. Cushing at the Providence Art Club, NCECA 2015

What a gem of a show.  Over the years I have heard many stories about Val Cushing and I am sorry never to have met him.  By all accounts he was one of the best teachers and a great potter.  This is a quote by Val Cushing, simple and true.

“It is in nature that I find the rich colors, the dynamic textures and the harmonious forms I love to make”    

Val M. Cushing


My final quote is one that I aspire to and I imagine most potters do too.

 “I aspire to make beautiful pottery – some to be used and some to function visually as sculpture”  Val M. Cushing

NCECA 2014 Milwaukee

NCECA 2014 was a blast and so good to meet new friends from the Bray and elsewhere.  Virtual Realities – the panel was fabulous.  After hearing Carole Epp, Michael Kline, Ben Carter and Adam Field talk about their experiences with blogging, Facebook, Instagram etc I came home with the renewed conviction that I will blog.  My initial desire was to have a place to share photos of art work with my students.  These are photos I took with my iPhone at the Flow Exhibit at Milwaukee Art Museum.  I