Artists Statement

I am a potter and a teacher.  My pottery is functional and decorated with colorful abstract flowers and leaves painted on a white glaze.  From early on in my career I have searched for that delicate balance between functionality, lively designs and the durability of high fire clay.   From this search came what I call Hand Painted Porcelain, or maiolica at cone 6.

Currently I am experimenting with form and surface by adding and reticulating soft wavy layers of clay reminiscent of lacy tablecloths.  These decorative areas are further enhanced with gold luster.  This is taking me on an adventure into the world of highly embellished Rococo and Baroque porcelains of the late19th century.  Like the makers of those wonderful pots, I want to walk the thin line between the functional and purely decorative.

My ultimate goal is to create pots of beauty and vitality that give pleasure to and are useful in our daily lives.

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