Day 11, Clean Up, Unload Kilns, Auction, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

Every piece of equipment must be washed clean, the wheels, stools, tables are moved outside and the floor is hosed down.

We unloaded the reduction kiln which was a great firing.  The salt – not so great.  The kiln went into reduction too early and thus the clay was reduced which affected the glazes.  Clay bodies were gray with pitted and crawled glazes.  The worst were the celadon glazes.

That is the way it is with ceramics.  Just move on and make some more pieces.

Auction was a lot of fun.  Alleghany donated this wonderful Flora set.


Day 9 Glazing and Loading kilns, Day 10 Assembling Stack forms, Firing the Salt Kiln, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

Day 9 was a whirlwind of glazing, glazing, and loading, loading!  And then a gorgeous beach afternoon.

Assembling stack forms

Firing the salt kiln.  There is nothing quite like a salt firing to bring a community together.


Day 8, Platters, Big Bowls, Unload the Salt, Discuss Use, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

The kitchen has a long list of serving dishes needed.  We got a demo and they will get their dishes.

11lb bowl was 7 1/2″ high and 15″ wide at the top.

15lb platter 2 1/2″  high and 18″ wide

12lb bowl 6″ high and 13″ wide at the top

We unloaded the salt kiln.  All these photos were taken by Alexis Eynon

Then we discussed the firing and USE.

Day 5,6, Glaze, Lobster Feast on the Rocks, Firing Salt Kiln, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

Salt kiln is loaded and firing begins.

Day 4 Evan Christopher, Make/Listen, Alleghany Meadows, Make, Use, Look, Think

Day 4 continued.  At 11am we had a special Make and Listen session – blind throwing.  Evan Christopher, a “contemporary early-jazz” clarinetist and composer, the resident artist this week at Haystack was to play for us.  We were to be blindfolded and throw pots using touch while responding to his music.  Can we even center and pull up the walls without using our eyes.

Even though the water was freezing we went swimming!  The sky was beautiful this night.  Haystack is a magical place.