Day 4 Mark Pharis

We began the day again at Starbucks!

Mark started to make a handle and spout for Susan’s teapot.  First he made a template for the handle – a cone shape from which he cut out the handle.  Next the spout template.

Making a cup using a template.

Finishing up teapot.

End of another great day.  I got the best text today from Esther my oldest who has been holding down the fort while I am away.  She is walking dogs, watering the garden, cooking for her husband, dad and brother, doing laundry and getting all the errands done that I usually do.  Quote “Your life must be weird.  I feel like I live at the bank and Whole Foods.”

So with that I am over and out.  More tomorrow – our last day.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Mark Pharis

    • Hi Suzanne I am learning new techniques. It has been a great learning experience and Mark is a wonderful teacher. Steve arrives today and we will go to Canyon de Chelley for a couple of days for some r&r! Hope you are well.

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