Jeff Oestreich Workshop Clay Studio March 2009

For Susan!

Santa Fe Continued

After spending 5 days in the studio it was time to explore Santa Fe.  We started at the Spanish Market – mostly religious themed crafts.  I have been to Indian Market which includes all the crafts, each pueblo has their own style and no two are alike.  The younger generation are making within the tradition and at the same time developing their own voice.   I find that very exciting.  We visited Shiprock Gallery on the Plaza and saw top of the line jewelry, weaving, and pots.  We lunched at Cafe Pascal and I had a magnificent plate of Huevos Rancheros.

We returned to Museum Hill to visit the Museum of International Folk Art.  Amazing collection from all over the world.  Here are some images of my favorite objects.  I didn’t write titles or countries down – sorry!


Last Day Mark Pharis Workshop

Today the studio was both hushed and full of activity. Some participants were cleaning up and leaving early, some finishing last minute details, settling up bills (mine was very high I have a very supportive husband!), and saying goodbyes.  I didn’t take any photos today but here is one from earlier in the week of the group!

Participants of the Mark Pharis Workshop at Santa Fe Clay

Participants of the Mark Pharis Workshop at Santa Fe Clay

Susan and I ended the day on a “Behind the Scenes Tour” of the Georgia O’Keefe Home and Studio.  We saw the room where she stretched her canvases, her bedroom next to the studio (now set up as a bedroom) and the fall out shelter in addition to the regular tour.  It is really a magical place, no wonder she waited 15 years until she could buy the house.  Georgia O’Keefe’s bedroom is on the corner of the house.  The two outside walls have enormous plate glass windows with a view overlooking the valley.  She could lie in bed and look at this view.  We were not allowed to take anything up to the house with us – no photos allowed – but I found this one on the internet.


Georgia O’Keefe House, bedroom



We had a wonderful dinner at the Abiquiu Inn.  Highly recommended.


Day 4 Mark Pharis

We began the day again at Starbucks!

Mark started to make a handle and spout for Susan’s teapot.  First he made a template for the handle – a cone shape from which he cut out the handle.  Next the spout template.

Making a cup using a template.

Finishing up teapot.

End of another great day.  I got the best text today from Esther my oldest who has been holding down the fort while I am away.  She is walking dogs, watering the garden, cooking for her husband, dad and brother, doing laundry and getting all the errands done that I usually do.  Quote “Your life must be weird.  I feel like I live at the bank and Whole Foods.”

So with that I am over and out.  More tomorrow – our last day.

Day 3 Mark Pharis

Susan and I began our day at Starbucks.  Here is the promised photo.

On the way back I took more photos of the Railyard Garden.

Mark gave Susan an assignment to draw her teapot life sized and he would show her how to make a template for the teapot.  He took a compass, found the half, quarter, 1/8th and 1/16th.  From this 1/16th measurement he made 1/6 of the teapot that Susan could use to make the entire body of the pot.  Ingenious!

Later in the afternoon Mark cut a square template from 1/4 inch masonite.  Using a jigger saw he cut a square hole.  He placed the square template on a bucket, laid the clay in the template and let gravity do it’s thing.

We ended the day with a slide lecture by Mark.  I love hearing someone talk about their work.  It is like receiving a gem.  On abstraction – Working on soy bottles allowed Mark to explore abstraction because there is no history in his family, life or in Minnesota of soy bottles.  In the growth of a vision one can have a small epiphanies along the way which changes the direction of the art work.  When do we learn about pots as kids, what is our history, what do we eat, how does that affect the way we think about form.  Pots create social context they are about humanity.

More tomorrow.  Esther told me not to post this so late because no one sees it at 12.24 EDS – sorry honey posting now!  Good night.

Day 2 Mark Pharis

Up early and by 645am Susan and I were on our way to Starbucks!  I was asking questions and she said “you are making me talk too much”!!  I laughed to myself, we both talk too much!  The Starbucks is predominantly a drive in and has an open air seating area.  I will get a photo tomorrow.

We walked through the Market, it is open on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and is located in front of Santa Fe Clay.  The produce was so fresh and delicious looking I wished I had a kitchen.  I brought some fried hot peppers and tried to talk the owner to cook up some of those small sweet peppers to no avail.


Onto the workshop.  Mark cleared up some confusion from yesterday how to make a template and where the right angle should.  Most challenging for the non-math inclined which I include myself.

My attempt at being Mark!  I threw the slab and cut the form out using a template.

Charlotte Lindley Martin being Mark Pharis!

Charlotte Lindley Martin being Mark Pharis!

Day 2 Santa Fe, Day 1 Mark Pharis

What a fun day we had.  Mark showed us how to make templates out of paper to build our pots.  The paper was problematic so we ended up using tar paper.  Thanks to HP Bloomer for buying it for us.

Mark said the join of the two slabs is the beginning and the ending of the pot.

Santa Fe

I am traveling again, this time to Santa Fe for a Mark Pharis workshop. I just love Santa Fe, so it was easy to say yes when Susan, who I met last year at the Bray, asked if I wanted to go.

This morning the first thing Susan asked me was, where is the closest Starbucks.  Never fear my trusty Around Me app got us to the Starbucks near the Plaza.  Not only was I able to have my favorite beverage but I have someone to imbibe with me!  This is going to be a good week!  We visited the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, galleries, before heading back to get the car to drive to the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture.

New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, love the adobe buildings

New Mexico Museum of Fine Art, love the adobe buildings

Bill Daley told me when he taught in Santa Fe years ago he took all of his students to see The Staircase.  “You must go see it, Charlotte”  We did – what an feat to build this staircase with two 360 degree turns and no visible means of support.

The Staircase, detail, The Loretto Chapel

The Staircase, detail, The Loretto Chapel

The Staircase, Loretto Chapel

The Staircase, Loretto Chapel

NCECA 2014 Milwaukee

NCECA 2014 was a blast and so good to meet new friends from the Bray and elsewhere.  Virtual Realities – the panel was fabulous.  After hearing Carole Epp, Michael Kline, Ben Carter and Adam Field talk about their experiences with blogging, Facebook, Instagram etc I came home with the renewed conviction that I will blog.  My initial desire was to have a place to share photos of art work with my students.  These are photos I took with my iPhone at the Flow Exhibit at Milwaukee Art Museum.  I