To Blog or Not to Blog

This is my third attempt at blogging.  In 2010 I started a blog on Blospot that I never published.  Funny, it is 3 years later and nothing has changed.  I am a potter, wife with a wonderful supportive husband, mother of 3, ice skater, I love to teach throwing especially beginners and currently I am the President of the Philadelphia Skating Club.  After taking masses of photos at the 2010 NCECA Philadelphia I wanted a way to share those images with my students.  My oldest daughter is an avid blogger ( and I started a blog.  Alas the world of computers challenges me.  I grew up in England with no TV until I was 11!  A simple thing for my children becomes a half day project for me.  I did not have the time to blog

I got the itch to blog again and started another one this time on WordPress.  I never published it.  Here I was unable to see how I could fit in being a blogger.

Third attempt at blogging – in the summer of 2012 I went on a 3 day walking tour of the Swiss mountains with my sister.  I made a blog for my family at home (uncomplaining and supportive husband and 3 children) and for my family in the UK.  I never intended to publish that either.  On my trusty Iphone I would write and upload photos of the glorious views.  On our second night there was barely any internet – we were really on the E.  I found one spot where I had one bar and sat outside as it grew quite chilly and dark and blogged.  It was fun and exciting!

Blogging before nighfall

Blogging before nightfall

Fast forward to summer of 2013, I went to a fantastic ceramic workshop at the Archie Bray Foundation in Montana.  I continued my blog from last summer to stay in touch with family.  Every morning I would wake early and began a laborious job of emailing myself the photos I took the day before on my Iphone so I could download them on my Ipad and write the blog.  My cousin visiting from England said there is a much simpler way to do this but it worked and I as I said I am technologically challenged!  Back to the Bray, one morning in our daily gathering in the Gazebo I mentioned my blog.  Soon I was to meet Ben Carter who asked to read the blog.  Adam Field a Bray summer resident and participant in our workshop had told Ben.  I was not ready to have this be public, way too much personal stuff in it.  But I got to thinking again should I blog?  So here I am with a new look, trying to work out the dashboard, sending help messages to my daughter and publishing a blog.